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Nowadays, many wonder what exactly is Latur pattern? Many have started using the term to describe an outstanding acheivement. However here is the exact answer of what latur pattern means and how the word evolved.

‘Latur Pattern’ was first introduced by Mr. Aniruddha Jadhav , the ex-principal of  Rajarshi Shahu College, Latur. At the time he devised this pattern of study he was the vice principal of the college and mainly heading the science stream. Latur pattern means preparing the student well in advance of the curriculam by completing the syllabus fast and then practising for exams for the rest of the term. The pattern use to work like this: Complete the syllabus very fast and then conduct weekly exams on the lines of the final exams, thereby preparing the student completly for the exams. The pattern became such a hit that students gave outstanding results not only division wise but state wise too. Earlier the pattern was more known as ‘Shahu Pattern”, but later when all the colleges at Latur started using the pattern, the pattern came to knew as Latur Pattern.

After that colleges and schools of Latur city used to get most of the merit list students with amazing marks percentage, which made the word famous all throughout the state.

Later Latur pattern was used to describe  various other acheivements which Latur made statewise or countrywise. For example, even the outstanding progress the city makes in development due to the political leadership at Latur also came to know as  Latur Pattern.

There are many across the state who argue that students who shine through Latur pattern are exam centered and they don’t make much progress in the career. Well, how many cities in Maharashtra have a site like this one? Being a ex-merit student myself from the Shahu College, I do feel it does build in enough self confidence and pre-planning mind in the students to take on the challenges in daily life. So even though there will always be critisism the truth is – it works !

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